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We are a leading heat transfer paper manufacturer and supplier in China, we manufacture, supply high quality inkjet transfer paper, laser transfer paper and other types of heat transfer paper for various colors, fabrics and materials . Contact us to get more information about heat transfer paper and cooperate with us to prosper your business.
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Buy Thermal Transfer Paper in Bulk from China

For 12 years, we have been focusing on producing the best heat transfer paper and sublimation transfer paper. Rich experience in heat transfer paper production enables us to manufacture high-quality T-shirt transfer paper, vinyl transfer paper, inkjet transfer paper, laser transfer paper, sublimation transfer paper, fabric transfer paper, etc. We focus on the research and development of high-quality thermal transfer paper, and our R&D team will provide you with comprehensive digital printing solutions.

Types of Thermal Transfer Paper

Inkjet Transfer Paper

Our inkjet transfer paper is mainly used for pure cotton T-shirts, available in dark and light colors. The image after the thermal transfer has color retention and resistance to multiple items of washing. Light-colored heat transfer paper can use ordinary water-based dyes or pigment inks, sublimation inks, eco-solvent inks, etc., through heat transfer machine transfer, can make personalized T-shirts, cultural shirts, gift bags, satchels, mousepads, etc.

Advantages of Inkjet Transfer Paper:

  • Excellent drying speed (tons)
  • Clear image
  • High rate of return
  • Excellent color performance
  • Economic price
Inkjet transfer paper


Laser transfer paper

Laser Transfer Paper

Our laser printing paper is suitable for various colors of pure cotton or cotton-polyester blended fabrics, chemical fiber fabrics, cotton canvas, and Lycra fabrics. There are two kinds of dark and light colors.

Laser thermal transfer paper (TL-300R) can be used to print images with a laser color copier or laser printer, etc., and can be transferred by an electric iron or heat transfer machine to make personalized T-shirts, swimwear, jeans, gift bags, shoulder bags, Mouse pad and so on.


Why Choose Us

Competitive Price
We have our own factory, all products can offer ex-factory price.
High Standard Products
Shaking powder is cleaner, and can be hot peel off immediately after printing
Fast Delivery
Fast production, ships within a week of receiving the order
Quality Assured
Whole process inspection to ensure product quality
We accept orders of any size, the larger the order, the greater the discount and guaranteed speed of delivery.
Technical Support
Provide 7*24 hours customer service and quick response, as well as perfect technical support
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Product Effect Display

Wellye's transfer printing paper are easy to peel and brightly colored. Has good ink absorption and breathability. Compared with eco-solvent printing, it has better environmental protection.

Thermal Transfer Paper Buying FAQ

Are you a factory or a trading company?
We are the manufacturer. With more than 10 years of experience in the production of printing consumables.
Where is your company located?
Our company is located in Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, with convenient transportation. If you visit our company, we will arrange a special car to pick you up at the airport.
What payment methods do you accept?
Usually, we accept T/T and L/C payment. If you are our special customer, we can accept better payment methods.
When will you be able to ship?
Normally, our products can be shipped within a week after the order is confirmed.
Do you accept OEM customization?
Yes, we accept OEM customization, such as custom sublimation transfer paper or DTF film gram weight, size, etc. Of course, the price of custom products is higher. Please contact our sales team for details.
What is the minimum order quantity for your machine?
We can accept orders of any size and can be customized by OEM according to your needs.
What packaging does your product ship in?
Since most of our products are paper products or PET products, we generally take good packaging and moisture-proof measures to ensure normal use; after packaging, they are directly loaded into containers, and then fixed with steel wires, so that when the freighter sails at sea , the product will not be deformed by hitting the inside of the container due to the swing of the ship, so as to ensure that it is intact.
How does your company provide after-sales service?
For small problems during the use of the product, we will arrange our after-sales personnel to help you solve them remotely, and provide one-to-one guidance, such as sending text instructions or videos, to teach you how to solve the problem. If there is a problem with the product, we will replace it for you free of charge.
Will your company provide relevant paper materials?
Certainly. Usually shipped with the product, it also includes various manuals, operating instructions, precautions, etc.

Choose Best Thermal Transfer Paper Manufacturer

As Chinese top heat transfer paper manufacturer, Wellye has more than ten years of experience in the production of sublimation paper, thermal transfer paper, protective paper, and printing paper. Our service team has rich experience in the digital thermal transfer industry. They will provide you with a comprehensive digital printing solution, and work with you to find a balance between your requirements and costs.

Pre-sale and after-sale assistance via phone or email, our service team will provide you with timely support. We will be your reliable long-term partner.

If you have any questions or need customized services, please contact us immediately and we will give the best solution!


Thermal Transfer Paper: Ultimate Guide to FAQs

Today we have prepared an ultimate guide to heat transfer paper for beginners.
When it comes to thermal transfer paper, many people don't know what it is. When it comes to T-shirt or advertising designers, many people will gradually understand the use of heat transfer paper, which is very useful in design.
Therefore, in order to fully reflect your design, you should look for suitable high-quality heat transfer paper. You can directly find a high-level sublimation paper manufacturer, such as Wellye, to provide you with cheap and best sublimation paper and sublimation ink in bulk.

thermal transfer paper

Today we will introduce the basic knowledge of thermal transfer paper to many beginners. When it comes to thermal transfer paper, many people do not understand what it is. When talking about T-shirts or advertising designers, many people will gradually understand the purpose of heat transfer paper, and they are very useful in design. Therefore, in order to fully reflect your design, you should look for suitable and high-quality thermal transfer paper. You can directly find a high-level thermal transfer paper manufacturer, such as Wellye, to provide you with cheap and best thermal transfer paper and sublimation ink in bulk.


What is Thermal Transfer Paper

Have you ever thought about how these cool T-shirts on you have these high-quality pictures? In many cases, these designs require the use of thermal transfer paper. Use special heat transfer ink to print various patterns on a special kind of paper, and then transfer the patterns to the product through temperature and pressure. This special paper in the thermal transfer process is called thermal transfer paper. Thermal transfer paper can withstand a lot of heat and blends well with fabrics and clothing. At the same time, use inkjet printers or laser printers to print with specific sublimation inks. This ink can still maintain excellent color effects under a large amount of heat. These materials and processes ensure that your personalized design can be outstanding Is reflected in the T-shirts, clothes or fabrics you want to show.


Different Types of Thermal Transfer Paper

After understanding the meaning and use of thermal transfer paper, some people may think that there is only one type of thermal transfer paper. However, there are two different common types of thermal transfer paper, inkjet thermal transfer paper and laser thermal transfer paper.

  • Inkjet Thermal Transfer Paper

    Inkjet thermal transfer paper is a fairly basic type of thermal transfer paper that people often use. Inkjet thermal transfer paper uses ink for printing. It may take a little time to dry, but it can still be efficient and excellent. High-quality colors and quality. And the cost is relatively low.

  • Laser Heat Transfer Paper

    Compared with inkjet thermal transfer paper, the biggest difference of laser transfer paper is the inkjet method, which uses a laser printer for printing. Using a color laser thermal transfer printer to print your design is several times faster than an inkjet printer, and the colors are more prominent, at the same time the cost is relatively higher.


How to Use Thermal Transfer Paper

On the surface, thermal transfer paper seems easy to use-print the image on the paper, put the paper on the shirt, heat it, and enjoy your new shirt! However, as with most things, thermal transfer paper has more functions than it seems on the surface. Here are some tips on how to use thermal transfer paper correctly.

  1. Choose the Right Paper

    The first step in the proper use of thermal transfer paper is to choose the right paper. First, check the type of printer you are using. There are different printers suitable for inkjet transfer paper, laser transfer paper, environmental solvent transfer paper and so on. Choosing the wrong printer and paper may make your design a mess. Then consider the fabric you need to apply to. There are some differences in the use of heat transfer paper suitable for light-colored fabrics and heat transfer paper for dark-colored fabrics. You need to try and experiment further.

  2. Design

    Many factors that determine the appearance of the final product are the design you use to print on the thermal transfer paper. If you use inkjet printers, remember that they cannot produce "true" white, so any white in your design must be off-white. Try to cover as much area as possible in your design. If the design only takes up a small amount of space, trim closely around the design. It is also important to ensure that your design is printed in high resolution; if you print the design on thermal transfer paper and it appears grainy or blurry, please adjust the resolution and try again, as this seriously affects the aesthetics of your design.

  3. Prepare the Fabric

    The fabric used with the heat transfer paper should be pre-shrunk, clean and wrinkle-free. Stretch it a bit immediately before ironing to help reduce the risk of any cracks in the final design, then place the shirt in the ironing machine and press for 5 seconds to ensure that there are absolutely no wrinkles to damage the design.

  4. Start Thermal Transfer

    The most critical part of thermal transfer paper for thermal transfer operation is to ensure that the paper is aligned correctly. By drawing auxiliary lines to ensure that your thermal transfer paper is in the correct position and will not be transferred at an incorrectly inclined angle. Each heat transfer paper manufacturer will indicate the heat pressing time of the paper. After using the hot press for enough time, let him cool down, tear off the paper, and enjoy your design.



difference between transfer paper and sublimation paper

Application difference between transfer paper and sublimation paper

Next, I will introduce the difference between the application of transfer paper and sublimation paper. Thermal transfer is mainly used in stationery, clothing, leather, etc. The sublimation is mainly used in webbing, handbags, cloth pads, luggage, advertising posters, packaging supplies, etc.

The characteristics between them are actually different. Dye sublimation is the direct penetration of the pattern into the surface of the printed object. The original texture of the surface of the printed object is not changed, the color is very bright, will not fade, and the adhesion is excellent.

Compared with sublimation, thermal transfer is a kind of high production efficiency, which can print many complex colors at one time, saturated, beautiful, realistic patterns, and has high gloss, durable wear, and good pattern adhesion. .


The difference between transfer paper and sublimation paper inuse process

  • Transfer paper transfer process

    Thermal transfer is a process of printing on a special transfer paper and using a heat press or a household iron to transfer it to the shirt. Thermal transfer is a process similar to direct-to-clothing or screen printing, but without the same high cost or messy setup. Just like the old irons you can buy at craft stores or Walmart, these transfers are a bit like stickers, meaning that the image will be on top of the shirt and will have a different texture from the surrounding materials. Unlike those old irons, these are transfers of professional quality. The color, feel and durability far exceed the old logo on old shirts. According to the type of transfer you choose, you can customize the softness, vividness, gloss and thickness of the background. Although heat transfer does not require a heat press, it is strongly recommended to use a heat press.

  • Sublimation process of sublimation paper

    Sublimation is relatively complicated. Sublimation ink becomes a kind of gas when heated, and actually embeds itself in anything with a polyester coating. This creates a cleaner and more professional look. There is no difference in the feel between the image and the shirt. The disadvantage of sublimation is that it must be used with 100% polyester garments. This may restrict you from making T-shirts, but it opens up a whole new world of sublimation—from coasters to jewelry, cups, puzzles, and so on. Please keep in mind that sublimation of sublimation paper requires a heat press.

difference between transfer paper and sublimation paper

The cost difference between transfer paper and sublimation paper

The start-up cost of thermal transfer is often lower because it only requires a simple inkjet or laser printer and transfer paper. The use of dye sublimation paper requires a special printer, professional dye sublimation ink, and dye sublimation compatible blanks.


china transfer paper manufacturer

If you want to buy transfer paper from China for your business, or sell transfer paper from China, first you must know how to contact China transfer paper manufacturers and find the best China transfer paper mills.

This guide will help you understand and start your transfer paper import the right way, save money and time by working with the right transfer paper manufacturer in China.


Advantages of buying transfer paper from China

There are very many advantages to sourcing transfer paper from a Chinese transfer paper manufacturer that are very unique, we have listed the following.

  • Abundant and top-notch labor force

  • Young and growing population

  • Always competitive prices

  • Good infrastructure and geography

  • Stable social environment


Where to find the best wholesale and custom transfer paper manufacturers in China

Trade fairs for the transfer paper in China or around the world

  • Online B2B platform in China

  • Sourcing companies, agents or buying offices for transfer paper in China

  • Collage, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  • Search on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

  • Transfer paper agents in your country/region.


How to check if they are the right Transfer Paper manufacturer in China

  • Product range, Chinese transfer paper manufacturers do not limit the type of transfer paper they produce to a single transfer paper.

  • The transfer paper styles they make.

  • Some of the order test reports

  • The quality of the materials they use and the raw material factories they work with

  • Certificates, audit reports, etc.


Documents you must prepare for your custom transfer paper manufacturer in China

  • Requirements documents - specifications, product types, raw materials, etc. that you require

  • Original samples including original transfer paper samples, original fabric quality samples, mockups, accessory samples, etc.

  • If you have already purchased fabric and accessories, you must provide the cost to the China transfer paper manufacturer to calculate the transfer paper cost.

Add a description of the image here
Northern Lights
Add a description of the image here
Add a description of the image here


Steps to work with a transfer paper manufacturing company in China

  1. Send your technical package and related documents to the China transfer paper manufacturer

  2. Obtain a quote from the Chinese transfer paper manufacturer

  3. Confirm the price and start finalizing the transfer paper specifications

  4. Confirm approval and make a contract to place an order for production

  5. Arrange transfer paper inspection according to your needs and request the transfer paper manufacturer in China to send you various samples for approval

  6. After all product inspections have been passed, tests passed, mass production completed, and inspections passed, book the ship for shipment.

  7. Arrange payment and importation.

Wellye is a professional transfer paper manufacturer and wholesale exporter for nearly 20 years, we also have many cooperative transfer paper factories in China, we can produce all kinds of transfer paper for you with high quality and low price.

Where can I find a good transfer paper manufacturer?

  • Sourcing China wholesale and custom transfer paper manufacturers from China Fair

    Trade shows: Trade shows are very common in the transfer paper. They help connect potential manufacturers, suppliers and distributors. Stay informed about upcoming events near you.

    Attending different trade shows in China or around the world is a must for many professional transfer paper buyers. You can easily reach many Chinese transfer paper mills at the trade shows. 

    Restricted by the COVID-19 pandemic, Chinese transfer paper manufacturers may be less inclined to participate in foreign exhibitions, then some of the famous exhibitions in the Chinese transfer paper industry will have a very large number of excellent Chinese manufacturers.

    Suggestions for attending exhibitions.

    It is best to confirm a meeting with a Chinese transfer paper manufacturer before visiting the show. In this case, try to arrange a meeting time with them in advance; the transfer paper manufacturer will allow more time for discussion with you.

  • Find China transfer paper suppliers from China B2B Marketplace

    If you don't attend trade shows, you can also find China transfer paper manufacturers from online platforms. The most common B2B platforms used by China transfer paper manufacturers are Alibaba, Made in China.

    Good tip: When writing an email for the first time, remember not to write too short or too long emails. B2B marketplaces have many buyers sending emails to different China transfer paper suppliers on a daily basis. Many transfer paper suppliers ignore emails that look like spam.  

    If you want to get a reply from a China fabric manufacturer, please write and include the necessary information in your email.

  • Find local agents of the best transfer paper manufacturers in China

    You can look for a local agent or sales point and choose your choice wisely. You must consider the top 10 sites that appear, as this indicates that they are active in their work.

    If you are not experienced in transfer paper supply management, you can work with some sourcing companies or offices of China transfer paper manufacturers to help you choose the most professional China transfer paper manufacturer.

    Often, sourcing companies or purchasing offices are very professional in identifying qualified manufacturers. Responding to them can save you a lot of time in the purchasing process and most of the time they can help you get a better price.


  • Google search example

    It's no secret that there are a few search strings that can help you search on Google.

    "keyword" + manufacturer + China

    "keyword "+wholesale+manufacturer+China

    "keyword "+factory+China

    "keyword "+factory+wholesale+China

    The downside is that very few manufacturers in China focus on online marketing, so it is difficult to find them in the top 10 search results and you have to search through many pages to see some genuine Chinese transfer paper manufacturers.

  • Find China transfer paper manufacturing companies from Linkedin, facebook, youtube

    Social Media: Social media is one of the easiest ways to find transfer paper manufacturers. It connects you to millions of people. Many transfer paper manufacturers advertise on various social media platforms. facebook Business Groups is also another great way for you to connect with many manufacturers.

    There are many China wholesale transfer paper suppliers and manufacturers posting their company documents or personal profiles on facebook, LinkedIn, youtube and other online places. You can also find some suitable China transfer paper manufacturers there.


Good advice for finding quality China transfer paper manufacturers

From the above you can find China transfer paper manufacturers, but you have to find the best quality manufacturers and suppliers, here are the key points to help you find the best.

  • Talk to the manufacturer and check their capabilities.

    This is an important foundation before you work with any transfer paper manufacturer in China. All garment factories can produce this item. However, not all transfer paper factories can make high quality and correct transfer paper, so it is best to take pictures of the samples they make first and then pick some of them to make prototypes for you to check the quality and workmanship, etc.

  • Request product files and pictures videos.

    You should always ask the manufacturer to send you some examples so that you can first check the quality and then proceed with the arrangement. This is an important part so you can make changes before focusing on the huge request.

  • Confirm approved product standards

    You can send an email to the manufacturer to find out the type of textures they use to make the items. You can keep researching and perusing surveys to find out their quality standards. You can even visit industrial facilities to see how the item is made.

  • Find out what customers are saying

    Before understanding your uncertainty, find out what the industrial facility understands and which brands they have worked with. You can beware of their official websites, or you can contact some of their customers to find out about their experience.

    Wellye as the best transfer paper manufacturer and wholesaler in China, we produce various styles of transfer paper for the international market, all our customers come from all over the world, we understand the needs of our customers and we are committed to high quality and low price transfer paper manufacturing.

    We offer the best choice for all your custom wholesale transfer paper manufacturer requirements, and you can get a one-stop service from us. 

    Wellye manufactures a wide range of transfer papers including inkjet transfer papers, Laser transfer papers, fast-dry sublimation papers, sticky sublimation papers and more. All these transfer paper products are sold to reputable distributors, product manufacturers and other transfer paper importers.

  • Cheap price, the right price but not the lowest price

    Each China transfer paper manufacturer has its own price for the same items, but the price should be about the same, not too high or too low, you should choose the right price for your order, too high will lose money, too low may not make the right transfer paper for you.

  • Quality assurance fro​m China transfer paper mills

    The quality of the transfer paper produced in bulk has to be good and you have to make sure that all specifications are approved by yourself. You need double checks from the manufacturer and yourself.

  • Fast delivery

    On-time delivery is important to customers of transfer paper because time costs are important to a manufacturing company and having the equipment in place means that production is carried out in a timely manner for greater cost profit.

    Making each step on time and on time, the production and approval of materials, and the production and approval of transfer paper all on time, ultimately we can deliver on time.


List of top Transfer Paper manufacturers in China

  1. Wellye

  2. Derflex

  3. Million Ton

  4. JD

  5. Fantac

  6. Guanhua Paper

  7. Skyimage

  8. Bestsub


  10. King sub


Choose a one-stop service provider for transfer paper in China

Wellye is an outstanding transfer paper manufacturer in China. Wellye has been manufacturing and selling transfer paper since 2009 and has started its overseas business to provide high quality and various types of Chinese transfer paper to the world. 20 years of continuous development, innovation of its products and continuous development of overseas market, Wellye's products have been well received by our customers.

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